Payroll Maxx

Custom Report Writing

Payroll Maxx offers an extensive library of 200+ payroll and human resource reports for your convenience. All of our reports have been designed with you and your needs in mind. Our reports have been developed by an outstanding technical staff in conjunction with our payroll specialist and HR Director. Each report in our library can be easily modified to print specific date ranges, either current or historical, any range of departments or combination of departments, for any specific employee or set of employees. The flexibility of our reporting capabilities is unparalleled.

In addition to our comprehensive library Payroll Maxx offers two (2) different report writers that will allow you to create your own reports. Our Master Report Writer will give you the ability to build a complex report from scratch. For our less technical clients we offer what we call "Report Writer for Poets". Report Writer for Poets is an easy to use tool that will give you the ability to write simple "ad hoc" reports in 30 minutes or less. Payroll Maxx offers report writer training for every skill level. If the report you need is not within our comprehensive library of reports, we will be happy to build it for you or train you to create your own report. Whether you want to download a labor distribution to Excel, run an EEOC report, or create a report that identifies the primary language of all employees, we have your report ready. Call today to set up a no obligation custom demonstration.