Payroll Maxx

Data Integration

Technology that eliminates the hassle of data double-entry.

Why enter the same data multiple times when you can let our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology do the work for you? Payroll Maxx data integration allows you the luxury of only having to enter in the data once. Free up limited staff time to focus on tasks essential to your business while streamlining routine and redundant work. You’ll save time and reduce the errors associated with entering data multiple times.

Payroll Maxx data integration consists of processes that automate the exchange of files, extracts and transactions between software packages. Our data integration may be scheduled, event-driven, or explicitly invoked. Target data updates such as mass updates may also be performed.

The data integration technology from Payroll Maxx involves combining data that resides in different sources. Samples of our data integration may include: data transfer from our payroll software to a benefit provider or pension provider, or maybe even an internal system that requires data out of payroll like timekeeping software. Scheduling of data transfers through our secure FTP site offers flexibility for accepting data or delivering data automatically. You don’t have to push a button but rather rely on our technology to do the work for you!

Data Integration