Payroll Maxx

Employee Self Service

Give your employees access to their payroll information saving you time and money!

Reprinting forms like W-2’s and looking up answers to questions like “How much vacation do I have?” are both tasks that can take up a lot of time and administrative resources. Payroll Maxx has a cost effective solution to handling these requests and providing employees the information they need. Employee Self Service (ESS) allows your employees to view their payroll information through a secure login.

Payroll Maxx offers two levels of Employee Self Service ESS View and ESS Access:

ESS View

Allows your employees to VIEW their payroll information so they have the access to the data they need.

Through ESS View, employees can:

  • Securely view and reprint current or historical pay stubs online 24/7
  • Access and reprint of W-2 forms online
  • View and verify address, rate of pay, and tax withholding status
  • Monitor current data on PTO balances

ESS Access

All the benefits of ESS View plus your employees can provide interactive UPDATES to key information

Through ESS Access, employees can:

  • Interactively request time-off and input the type of request (vacation, sick day, etc)
  • Modify previous time off requests prior to posting
  • Send a message regarding the time off request to their manager
  • Request changes to key W-4 information like marital status, dependents, and home address
  • Link to online documents like employee handbooks, benefits portal, and more
  • Add reminders or announcements for your employees on the message board

ESS System Requirements:

  • Web Browser (Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 users, for Windows XP users, Internet 8, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Adobe 10.1 or higher
  • Microsoft Operating System Only
  • Product vendor does not support MAC

Easy For Your Employees   •   Cost Effective For You