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Can Payroll Maxx process payroll in all 50 States?


How are checks delivered?


How do I contact you, and will I get a different Payroll Specialist each time I call?


Does Payroll Maxx process payroll for companies with offices in multiple states and or with multiple branches?


How quickly can I start utilizing Payroll Maxx as my payroll provider?


How much does Payroll Maxx charge?


When do you deduct the fees from my account?


Can you track and accrue paid time off amounts, such as vacation and sick leave?


Are there any types of payroll that Payroll Maxx cannot or does not process?


Do you offer electronic tax payments?


Some companies charge a low base price then add hidden charges, do you?


What happens if I get a payroll tax assessment?


Can I allow employees to access their payroll information on the Internet?


Is the Employee Self Service web site safe to use?