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HR Lite

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The success of your business is centered around your employees. The Payroll Maxx HR Lite module allows you to expand your employee database with information not previously available. Ready access to these records will allow you to hire the right people and utilize their skill set to the maximum potential so you can save on labor costs and increase your company profits.

Here are some of the highlights and capabilities of Payroll Maxx HR Lite:

• Data Integration

  • Payroll and HR share a common database, eliminating duplicate entries and importing of data
  • Saves time and reduces the potential for errors

• Information Tracking

  • Employee personal information, performance reviews, benefits, skills, injuries and more are tracked and available for review so you can make informed decisions
  • Applicant skills and interview data are tracked so you can maintain a database of prospective employees readily available

• Customized Tools

  • Lets you to tailor data and reports to your individual needs
  • Allows you to stay on top of vital HR record keeping and comply with governmental reporting requirements

• Report Writing

  • Customize reports and file outputs of employee and applicant information
  • This powerful tool is integrated into the system eliminating the need for a third-party report writer

Save time and increase profits with this labor saving management tool!