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The HR solution that works for you!HR Support Center

Let Payroll Maxx assist you with your every HR need by utilizing the Payroll Maxx HR Support Center. Whether you need to create a new customized employee handbook or just have a simple question regarding sexual harassment, the Payroll Maxx HR Support Center is available to handle your needs. It’s the proven way to help protect you and your company from costly HR related audits and lawsuits.

The HR Support Center offers you:

  • Up to date advice and tools you can use today
  • Guidance from trusted, respected experts on any HR issue that may arise in your company
  • Customized documents like HR forms, job descriptions, HR letters and more to meet your needs.
  • Development of a personalized employee handbook created for your company
  • Answers to your confidential HR questions

Best of all it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere you are!

"My HR Support Center has saved me time and bottom-line money! I love my informative conversations with the consultants and appreciate knowing the answers are at my fingertips!"

Tina Estrada, HR Manager,

"The HR Support Center is always a great source of knowledge, experience and resources!"

Sherry Meidinger, HR Director, Napster

"Thanks to the web resources and people, we feel like we have a fully functioning HR Department. From job descriptions to recruiting guidance, from internal policies to labor law compliance, the HR Support Center has been providing us the answers we need when we need them."

Terry Hull, Office Manager, Dunlap, Steinbruner & Lubow