Payroll Maxx

Human Resources Module

Human resource information in one centralized area is the key to managing your employee data. Our Maxx Link HR module gives you the ability to track and report on vital employee personal information, performance reviews, skills, injury occurrences and much more.

  • Integration is a key element to building and maintaining a reliable Human Resource Information System. Payroll and HR share one common database, eliminating duplicate entry and the need for customized imports.
  • The system is designed to help companies, in any industry, stay on top of vital HR record keeping, and comply with governmental reporting requirements from EEO reporting to meeting OSHA reporting needs.
  • Extensive Applicant tracking capabilities provide the HR professional with the ability to track applicant skills and interview data, and maintain a database of prospective employees.
  • Standard reports coupled with the Report Writer feature, provides the tools you need to access all of your data. The use of these tools will provide secure access to all of your employee information and allows you to customize reports and file outputs.
  • Additional features include:  Attendance, Training, Disabilities, Education, Emergency Contacts, Transportation Information, Performance Ratings and Reviews, Property Tracking, Injury Tracking, Recruiters and Referrals, and Cobra Administration.

Having extensive employee information at your fingertips makes Maxx Link HR a valued and labor-saving management tool for your company!