Payroll Maxx

Job Costing

Do you have a single location with multiple positions within that location that any one employee could fill? Do you have multiple locations and perhaps are pulling one employee from one location to fill in for a position at another location where that employee would not normally work? Or do you have an employee that is a floater and is used to fill in for many positions at one or more locations? Would you agree that is pretty difficult to keep track of? Not anymore! If any one or all of these scenarios apply to you then our Job Costing Module is the answer to keeping your job costs on track and organized.

Businesses of every shape and size use our Job Costing Module to track, organize and report on their job costs. This is a perfect fit for physicians with multiple clinics who may be loaning out an X-Ray Tech to another location, or for a manufacturing plant who may be loaning an employee from the fabrication department over to the molding department for the day. With our Job Costing Module you can easily track, organize and report on your job costs which will enable you to keep your eye on the bottom line!