Payroll Maxx

Remote Access

Full Access:

As a remote user of the Evolution payroll software, you are responsible for the entry and verification of all items as it relates to your payroll and employee data. This includes but is not limited to the following items:

  • Entering new hires and maintaining employee demographic information
  • Pay rate changes
  • W-4 filing status
  • Setup and maintenance of VMR or ESS logins and passwords (if applicable)
  • Setup and maintenance of all Scheduled E/D’s including: Direct Deposit, Pension, Child Supports, Garnishments and Levies
  • Entry of all hours to be paid in each payroll run
  • Pre-process the payroll and verify the input and changes
  • Submission of payroll for final processing

View Access:

Will provide you access to view your employees and do research on any items you would like to see. You will also have access to view and run reports.

System Requirements:

Workstation minimum requirements for the Evolution remote client are a computer with a Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon processor at 1.3 GHz or greater.  The computer needs 1GB RAM or greater of memory. The computer must have at least 40gb of available disk space.  The computer’s operating system must be OS Windows XP or greater (32-bit).

The Evolution client is a “thin-client” that requires very little system resources.

Once installed, the end user launches the EVO application by double clicking the Evolution icon. Upon launching the client program prompts the user for a username and password.  The provided credentials are compared against the Evolution user database. If the provided credentials match, users are provided access to the Evolution application.

Communications data traffic is encrypted using commercially accepted Open SSL using 128-bit RC4-SHA encryption.

*MAC products are not supported by our Vendor