Payroll Maxx

Virtual Mail Room

Payroll Maxx offers a virtual mail room service for the delivery of Paperless Payroll. For your employees that utilize direct deposit, our paperless payroll or virtual mail room will send their check stub directly to their personal email address in an encrypted password protected format. Imagine never having to hassle with handing out or mailing out pay stubs again. Whether your employees are local or across the country, our virtual mail room can reach every one with a secured email, and their stubs will arrive on time, every time.

In addition to the ability to deliver on time pay stubs to your employees automatically, with our Virtual Mail Room service you have the ability to schedule your reports to be delivered to any valid email address automatically, in a secured and password protected format. This is a valuable tool if you have varied reporting requirements. Perhaps your CPA firm requires a monthly report, with Virtual Mail Room it is as simple as scheduling it. Virtual Mail Room will create the GL report from your payroll chart of accounts and automatically send it to your CPA or to any valid email address in a digitally encrypted format. Your general ledger information will be delivered accurately and on-time, every time.