Payroll Maxx


Payroll Maxx and Infinity Software team to provide powerful payroll / HRMS solution

Omaha, NE-October 12, 2011

Payroll Maxx and Infinity Software announced today that they are offering clients an integrated HR solution for payroll, benefits management, and key HR functionality. The offering combines a cutting-edge human resource management system (HRMS) with accurate and service-oriented payroll solutions.

The combined offering includes:

  • Core payroll services (including tax reporting)
  • Online enrollment / benefit management
  • Applicant tracking / recruiting
  • Performance management
  • Onboarding / workflows
  • Wellness tracking

"Clients ranging from 25 employees to 2,000 employees can now take advantage of a powerful solution that had previously only been available to very large companies," said Dan Pankow, CEO of Payroll Maxx. "The HRMS solution allows the more service-oriented Payroll Maxx to surpass the technology offerings of national competitors while retaining control over the client experience at the local level."

Payroll Maxx utilizes the Evolution payroll platform and will have a real-time sync with Infinity Software's flagship product, Infinity HR. Payroll Maxx underwent an extensive selection process before choosing Infinity HR based on its ability to handle complex benefits structures, robust HRMS, and user-friendly interface.

"Payroll Maxx is a leading-edge serivce provider. They have invested the time and resources to understanding their clients' needs," said Jeff Torczon, CEO of Infinity Software." And now they are taking it a step further by participating in the Evolution-Infinity HR sync. This provides fully integrated payroll-HRMS functionality."

Payroll Maxx is one of the largest privately owned payroll companies in the country and maintains a rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Payroll Maxx is based in Omaha, NE. Contact for additional information. Or visit the website at

Infinity Software offers a robust HRMS with a responsive and flexible support model. Founded in 2002, Infinity Software is based in Scottsdale, AZ. Contact Phil Lamb at 480-352-1206 or Or visit the website at