Payroll Maxx

Workers Compensation

We understand the difficulties that business owners face with workers compensation and have created a robust set of Workers Compensation solutions designed to help your business grow.

  • No Deposit – put your money to work for you – not the insurance carriers
  • Automatic premium payments – no checks to write
  • No year-end audit surprises
  • Convenient access to seasoned workers compensation experts
  • Cutting-edge technology that allows 24/7 online access to certificate requests and other policy holder services

At Payroll Maxx, we make workers compensation as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Eliminate workers compensation deposits!
Why pay an upfront deposit and face surprises at audit time if you do not have too? The SmartComp program allows your company to purchase your workers compensation without a deposit. Let's face it, workers comp premiums are calculated on the amount of payroll that your company has. Because we calculate your payroll, it is easy for us to also calculate your workers compensation premium and collect it each payroll. You end up paying exactly what you owe and no longer have to estimate what you owe and settle up at audit time. It's efficient, easy and streamlines your cash flow.

2. Keep your workers comp costs down by tracking your claims.
Does the carrier know which claims are open and which ones are closed? Remember that open claims may substantially increase your premiums. Carriers estimate how much medical and wage reimbursements may be needed to close out a claim. If the carrier does not know, or, for whatever reason have a closed claim still open on their system, you may be assessed a higher experience rating than you should. Our claims library helps keep your premiums down and provides your staff the tools to help ensure that the carrier has properly closed out all claims.

3. OSHA and claim reporting made easy by Payroll Maxx.
After you have input the proper injury information into our HR Module, simply select the OSHA report that is required and post according to government rules. It has never been easier, just point and click. Done!

Let us help you control your workers compensation expense and streamline your cash flow by eliminating upfront deposits, pay premiums automatically based on real time payroll and take the dread out of year end audits. Our tools are designed to help propel your success and control workers compensation costs.

SmartComp. Large or small business, seasonal or year round, if paying exactly what you owe, when you owe it, automatically, sounds like smart business, then SmartComp is right for you. Additionally, the elimination of an upfront deposit puts your money to work for you instead of your money working for the insurance carrier.


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